About IAAH

The International Association for Adolescent Health is a multidisciplinary, non-government organization which aims to improve the health, development and wellbeing of 10-24-year-old adolescents and young adults, in every region of the world. Since its inception in 1987, IAAH has been committed to evidence-informed practices and policies, and to ensuring that young voices inform our work.



Our mission is to:

  • Enhance individual competencies, national capacity, and global investment in adolescent health,
  •  Catalyze local, regional and international connections between the multidisciplinary professionals who work with adolescents, the organizations that support them, and young people themselves,
  • Expand national associations for adolescent health.

Join the IAAH network to help shape the field of adolescent health  

  • Through its members, website, newsletters and conferences, IAAH is a resource that catalyzes local, regional and global connections to advance adolescent health.
  • IAAH enriches and connects the next generation of multidisciplinary professionals through our Young Professionals Network.
  • IAAH offers leadership and networking opportunities through joining our committees
  • IAAH offers individualized guidance to groups wishing to develop national associations for adolescent health.
  • IAAH supports national associations through Presidents Connect (under development)
  • IAAH amplifies the voices of other organizations in their efforts to advance adolescent health.
  • IAAH hosts a regular World Congress, regional conferences and co-sponsors national conferences on adolescent health.


IAAH is governed by the IAAH Council. Elected for a 4-year term, the Council consists of the president and immediate past president, treasurer/secretary, regional vice presidents (9), an ambassador at large, and the chairs of the IAAH Young Professionals Network (3). The Council is supported by an Executive Administrator. A series of committees amplify the capacity of IAAH to address its mission.

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