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IAAH Committees

The Council is seeking expressions of interest from IAAH members to join the following 4 committees:

  • Communications committee
  • Scientific Events committee
  • Governance and Policy committee
  • Nominations and Awards committee
  • Education committee

Members will be appointed to a committee for an initial 12-month term, with the option to extend their commitment annually, in consultation with the committee co-chairs.

Expression of interest to join IAAH committees will only be considered for fee-paying considered members of IAAH.

IAAH Committee Terms of Reference and Priority Activities

Co-Chairs: Nicola Gray, Vice President Europe; Asha Pemberton, Vice-President Caribbean

  • To promote IAAH’s image and brand as a professionally focused, globally active multidisciplinary organization
  • To oversee the development and maintenance of the new IAAH website
  • To grow an appropriate social media presence for IAAH
  • To oversee the communication of IAAH statements and policies to IAAH members and stakeholders
  • To create proactive and reactive messages to disseminate to IAAH members and stakeholders about topical, relevant and important issues and initiatives in global adolescent health
  • To develop and maintain relationships with various organizations and individuals to amplify global and national communication about adolescent health and about IAAH.​

Co-Chairs: Jon Klein, Vice President North America; Mamdouh Wahba, Vice President Middle East and North Africa; Adesegun Fatusi, Vice President Sub Saharan Africa

  • To oversee the application, bidding, and planning processes for the IAAH World Congress on Adolescent Health and identify potential individuals to participate in the various committees required to run the World Congress
  • To support the development of regional adolescent health conferences
  • To identify and recommend IAAH participation in planning committees and/or events as requested by other organizations.

Co-Chairs: Jenny Proimos Vice President Oceania; María del Carmen Calle Davila, Vice President Latin America

  • To ensure that the policies, advocacy and communications activities of IAAH fulfill the mission of IAAH
  • To develop a small number of priority internal For example, the development of policy and guidelines to support the development of new national and regional associations of adolescent health
  • To develop external policies, based on a policy scoping exercise to decide on the scope and range of policy and advocacy activities and after consideration of which external policies IAAH is willing to endorse or adapt to its own needs.

Chairs: Bruce Dick, Past President; Shuntaro Ando, Vice President East Asia

  • To organize the processes for nominating and voting for members of the IAAH Council (currently every 4 years)
  • To review the criteria for the IAAH Founders Awards, and develop a process for nominations and selection
  • To review the criteria for awarding IAAH Honorary Fellowships and provide guidance/support for the people selected
  • To work in collaboration with the IAAH Young Professionals Network to develop an Award in recognition of important contributions by young professionals to IAAH and adolescent health
  • To work in association with the Communications Committee to publicize the achievements of IAAH awardees.

Chairs: Harish Pemde, Vice President South East Asia; Mychelle Farmer, Member at Large

Co-Chairs: Risa Turetsky, Member at Large, Richard (Dick) Churchill, Member at Large

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