Transition = Growth! Youth Ambassadors Help to Shape IAHW 2022

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International Adolescent Health Week (IAHW) 2021 was not only a success, but it was also a year of transition and growth.  Recognizing that youth voice needs to be acknowledged and amplified, Laura Offutt, founder of IAHW, developed the Youth Ambassador program for IAHW 2021. The inaugural cohort consisted of young people from 16 countries across 5 continents and took an active part in developing activities and promoting IAHW. The addition of Youth Ambassadors was so successful and received glowing reviews from youth, Offutt knew she had to make the Youth Ambassadors a permanent part of IAHW.

This year a select group of Youth Ambassadors (30 young people from 30 countries) are spearheading IAHW 2022 activities in their communities and helping to promote IAHW globally. Inspired by these young people, Offutt and team inquired as to what motivated them to serve as Youth Ambassadors (YA) and what the IAHW 2022 theme “Transitions” means to them. Here is what they told us (answers may have been edited for conciseness).

What motivated you to serve as a Youth Ambassador for IAHW 2022?


What does the IAHW 2022 theme “Transitions” mean to you?


To view all responses from Youth Ambassadors for both questions, click here.


A special thank you to all of the IAHW Ambassadors for their comments and to Ana Maria Moreno Restrepo, MD, Hospital Nacional de Niños, San José, Costa Rica for her translation services. 

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