International Adolescent Health Week

Join IAAH in celebrating International Adolescent Health Week, 15-21 March 2020!

Established in 2016 by Dr. Laura Offutt, International Adolescent Health Week (IAHW), formerly known as Teen Health Week, was originally celebrated in just one state (Pennsylvania) in the US. Now, after efforts by Dr. Laura Offutt and Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) colleagues Dr. Ngozi Oketah and Dr. Swati Bhave, along with IAAH European Vice President and Communications Committee co-chair Nicola Gray, IAHW has become an annual, globally recognized week of dynamic participatory events, inspiring and encouraging adolescents and their communities to advocate for a successful transition into adulthood.

Celebrated the 3rd full week of March annually, IAHW aims to celebrate young people, and promote the establishment of collaborative partnerships that work toward improving the health and wellbeing of adolescent around the world.  “Empowering young people, their health care providers, teachers, parents, advocates, and communities to engage with and celebrate youth is something that I’m extremely passionate about” said Offutt.

This year’s IAHW theme is “Transforming Risk into Wellness with Resilience, Healthy Lifestyle, and Holistic Well-being”.  How can you get involved with IAHW? Offutt encourages people to wear and use the color, lime green, during IAHW. Lime green was selected as the official IAHW color because it represents health, happiness, and the high energy and passion of adolescents. She also encourages visits to the IAHW website where you can explore the resource page, download IAHW logos, and get added to the IAHW map, showing where in the world you are celebrating IAHW!

You can always connect with others celebrating via IAHW social media channels – Twitter: @IAHW2020; Instagram: @adolescent_health_week; Facebook: @internationaladolescenthealthweek; #IAHW2020; or via the website:

Here are a few other examples of how you and the youth in your community can participate in International Adolescent Health Week:

  • Wear lime green or share lime green giveaways and prizes all week long.
  • Share educational social media posts about adolescent health issues using #IAHW2020.
  • Write a letter to the editor about a health issue relevant to adolescents in your community.
  • Meet with local government to advocate for policy benefitting youth.
  • Invite a speaker or plan an assembly to educate local youth about a health issue.
  • Obtain a resolution or proclamation from local government commemorating IAHW.
  • Youth groups can plan events to celebrate adolescent health and well-being.
  • Request local community buildings and bridges to be illuminated lime green all week.

Mark your calendars and make sure to join us in celebrating International Adolescent Health Week!

About the Author

Laura Offutt, MD, is the Founder of International Adolescent Health Week. 

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