Young Professionals Network: Building Relationships and Providing Opportunities

Established in 2018, the IAAH Young Professionals Network (YPN) focuses on building relationships between early career professionals and expert leaders in global adolescent health. They also provide diverse opportunities for early career professionals to further develop their knowledge, skills, and experiences in adolescent health.

This community of students, trainees and early career professionals (including health care providers, researchers, public health practitioners, advocates, scientists, social workers, and pharmacists) is guided by the YPN Executive Committee (Jason Nagata, Sophie Remoué Gonzales, and Natalie Yap) and receives guidance from the IAAH Council.

Focused on connecting young professionals with each other and creating opportunities to share training, networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities, the YPN developed four committees; Communications, Community Engagement, Education and Training, Leadership and Mentorship. A request for applications was announced in October 2018 and 12 YPN Officers were selected to run these committees.

The committees will collaborate with others around the globe to form a comprehensive network where young professionals interested in adolescent health can exchange, learn, and grow. Focus will be given to the promotion of collaborative and supportive relationships between early career professionals and senior professionals/leaders in global adolescent health.

If you are interested in joining the YPN and/or joining one of the YPN committees, please email us at [email protected].

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